Thanksgiving Rules!

I’ve just set up a plugin called Postie and now I can email a post to this website. Here’s a pic of Turkey 2014 that I sent from my phone just with Texting.

Sure looks tasty though doesn’t it? That’s a 20 lb Turkey we’ve injected with the Turkey stock of last year’s Turkey, which was injected with the stock of the Turkey from before then and so on and so forth. So It’s like a Turkey within a Turkey, within a Turkey, within a Turkey ad infinitum! The stock is carefully guarded within the vaults of our freezer. Each year it becomes a more potent gravy or Turkey Noodle Soup Broth. Sort of like a family Sourdough Mother Culture, it just gets better as the years go by.

Why do we inject the Turkey? It goes all the way back to when I was a young boy, and a Thanksgiving we had with my Uncle Rob (he’s an Anesthesiologist). We had the most succulent bird and it was all due to the fact that he had injected his bird using hypodermic needles. The next year we tried this ourselves, but the main problem with a hypodermic needle is that it’s so thin that your stock can’t have any solids in it. That’s why we invested in a Turkey Injector, which looks even more menacing, here’s a pic of ours:

Wine, garlic, rosemary and other stuff are added to the stock before injecting it into the bird. Then we top off the bird with my Mom’s dry rub, the ingredients of which are secret even to me (either that or I’ve forgotten).